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Table of Contents for Be Your Own Therapist

Chapter 1: Introduction: Self Help Book
Doing 90+% Of Therapy Yourself    Popular Ideas May Be Harmful To Your Happiness    Empowering Yourself    Help For Your Problems?    We Are Like Fixer-Upper Houses    Let Me Be Your Guru    Follow Your Own Yellow Brick Road    Find Your Optimum Therapeutic Focus    Being Your Own Therapist    There Are Many Choices    Being Grateful And Appreciative

Chapter 2: Creativity & Spontaneity
Spontaneity, Creativity, Playfulness, Fun & Laughter    Changing Fear And Ignorance    Imagery    I-Want-Lists

Chapter 3: Psychology (Simple But Essential)
psychology K.I.S.S.= Keep It Simple Stupid (Directions From Me To Me)    The Nature Of Trauma    Your Wish Is My Command    The Search For Approval    Untying Trauma Knots    Later Stress    Reducing/Resolving Stress = Therapy Result

Chapter 4: Making Changes / Stages Of Healing
Stages Of Healing    Making Changes In Small Steps (Stage Iva Above)    "Impossible" Successes    Procrastination    A Personal Example    Changing Others Effectively    A Lousy Way Of Making Changes = Self Criticism

Chapter 5: Your Body Is Not A Carcass
Ignore Your Body, Suffer The Consequences    Bodywork Therapy    Be Your Own Bodyworker    Touching And Being Touched    Avoiding Toxins    Couch Potato Benefits    psychological Reasons Why We Don't Exercise    Fitness In 30 Minutes A Week?    An Exercise Program For Those Who Hate To Exercise    Awakening And Revitalizing The Bodily Senses

Chapter 6: Mystery Meat
Is Mystery Meat Your Problem?    Common Food Allergies    What Test For Food Allergies?    Doing The Testing Yourself    Appendix D Do-It-Yourself Allergy Testing    Appendix D: Personal Example - Testing For Food Allergies

Chapter 7: Permanent Weight Loss
Your Impulses Lead To Blind Alleys     Add-A-Carrot Weight Loss Diet     Changing Food Preferences     psychology Factors In Your Fat/Obesity     Lady Macbeth's Weight Loss Diet Was Doomed     Food Binges Are Natural Phenomena     Success Tip: Flavor Instead Of Fat

Chapter 8: Thinking/Cognitive Processes
Let Me Hit You With A Sledgehammer    The Tyranny Of Judgments    That Is The Way I Am    You Make Me Unhappy    You Hurt My Feelings- Therefore You Should Change    Sticks And Stones    We Dig Thinking Ruts    Size And Contents Of The Unconscious    Nature Vs. Nurture Vs. Lifeplan    The Perfection That You Are Now    Be Happy Getting What You Don't Want    You'll See It When You Believe It    You Get What You Believe In    How Close Can We Come To "Happily Ever After"?

Chapter 9: Emotions (Love, Hate, Etc.)
Emotional Health = Mental Health    Anger And Outrage    Holding On To The Rage    Anger Keeps Coming Back    Love 1 2    Sadness    Fear    Stuck Feelings    Skewed Emotional Expression Is Rampant

Chapter 10: Trauma Roots = Therapy Roots
People Are Not Flocking To Join This Club    Blaming Is Valuable - Blaming Is Useless    Hatred    Hurt    Hopelessness    Healing    The Future

Chapter 11: Spirituality
Was This Chapter Banned In Boston?    Golden Retriever Magic    Spirituality - Truth Or Quackery?    Spirituality Is Not Religion    When Does Random Chance Become A Fraud?    Earth School    Happier Choices    Two Happier Belief Systems    One-Time-Around Vs. Reincarnation    Past Lives Therapy    Astrology    This Is A Safe Universe    I Get Exactly What I Need    What About Being A Victim?    Summary Of Beliefs Happy And Unhappy

Chapter 12: Our Favorite Groups
This Author Wants You!    Celebration Time    Must Lack Of Understanding Feel Bad?    Hard Truths @ Understanding And Being Understood    Your Group Has The Same Problems As Acme Inc.    Going-Along Disease    Blaming Others Disease    Effective Activism Today    Think Globally, Act Locally

Chapter 13: Men - Women
Women & Men: Our Masculine-Feminine Misconceptions    I Want A Cheese Sandwich    Men Don't Listen; Men Don't Communicate    Left Brain - Right Brain    The Housework Battlefield    Friends Better Know Their Roles    Support May Be Dangerous To Relationships    The Insensitivity Of Men    The Saga Of John Doe (White Male, Average Guy)    The Insensitivity Of Women    Feminists Are A Diverse Group

Chapter 14: Work
Work: Doing What You Love    That Impossible Boss/ Committee    Job Stress    Women's & Men's Work - Will They Ever Be The Same?    Discrimination In The Workplace    The Glass Ceiling    Competition: What We Learned    Competition: Good Or Bad?    Job Do's

Chapter 15: Accepting Our psychology Of Sex Education - psychological Sexual Health Care
Accepting Our psychology Of Sex Education - psychological Sexual Health Care    The Caviar Of Sex    What About Your Dreadful Sexual Dream Last Night?    Overcoming Our Puritan Heritage    Sex By The Scorecard    Do We Choose Our Sexual Preferences?    Sexual Boxes    Treatment Of Gay Men, Lesbians And Bisexuals    Achieving A Calmer Pornography Viewpoint 1    2    Sex & The Catholic Church    Rape    Sex Therapy    Sex Therapy We All Received    Women And Men Will Never Be The Same Sexually

Chapter 16: Family
Are 97% Of Families Neurotic?    Traumatizing Children - 97% Of Them?    Are We Really Humane?    Effective Parenting    Our Current Families Bring Out Our Skewness    Mothers Can Be Sexist Too    Many Men Still Abdicate Their Parenting Roles    Working Moms - Are Their Kids Ok?    Latchkey Children Don't Do As Well    The Search For Approval    The Elderly

Chapter 17: Violence
Violence: How Do I Contribute To The Added Violence?    Teaching Our Children To Be Unhappy    Our Values & Spiritual Beliefs Help Cause The Violence    The Numbing Process    How Do We Contribute To The Homeless Problem?    Verbal Bashing Can Lead To Violence    Opportunities To Change The Violence    How Ingrained Is The Violence?

Chapter 18: Therapists And Therapies
Recommended Goal Of Therapy: Inner Peace    Don't Give All Your Personal Power To A Therapist    Therapists Will Disagree With These Words    Finding A Therapist - Setting Therapy Goals    Life Is Lumpy    Changes, Self-Growth And Therapy Don't Always Tickle    Ventilation Is Not Enough    Suffering Smarter Is Dumb    Each Therapy Has Its Own Limits    All People Do Not Have The Same Motivations    Feelings    Therapists In Therapy    Lemon Therapists    Our Society Is On The Right Track    Missing From This Book    Your Perfect Therapy

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